Europe Hotels Private Collection is an award winning hotel development and Management Company, operating a portfolio of contemporary, design-led lifestyle brands in strategic locations in the city of Amsterdam and selected vibrant cities across Europe. At Europe Hotels Private Collection we are dedicated to build a differentiated hotel brand collection and we establish our hotels in urban destinations.

We love to create a vibe for our guests, to live every moment more intensely. Currently the brand collection consists of Park Hotel Amsterdam, SIR hotels and Max Brown Hotels.

Owned by Europe Hotels Private Collection and managed by Starwood Hotels & Resorts, the iconic W Amsterdam is part of Europe Hotels Private Collections asset management portfolio.  

Europe Hotels Private Collection success is founded on its owner’ and founders’ extensive knowledge of the hospitality and real estate markets, their broad network of corporate relations and the ability to identify and close unique development and acquisition opportunities. 

We're now building a portfolio of social hubs around the world, finding new and exciting neighbourhoods to open our 

doors in. We boast an unconventional mix of contemporary services in highly energized social hubs where locals and international travellers form a community.


At Europe Hotels Private Collection we dare to be pioneers in cultured lifestyle hospitality and love to create and communicate storytelling concepts and brands. 

We are a family of passionate and innovative individuals, dedicated to our business and curating and managing original guest experiences in a unique and gracious manner. 

We boast an unconventional mix of contemporary services in highly energized social hubs where locals and international travellers form a community. 

We are accountable to those we serve with our ultimate goal to meet and exceed expectations of our guests, ambassadors, owners, partners and the environment. We do this with integrity and sophistication. 

Our stage is out there, our time is now….. We lead where others follow.


Europe Hotels Private Collection optimizes the broad spectrum of issues related to development. Development services include: hotel brand and site validation, owner and brand relations, joint venture partnerships, financing and acquisitions, conversions and renovations, design and construction consulting.

People nowadays buy a lifestyle which consists of a specific taste, vision and products that depict coherency. In this time and age Europe Hotels Private Collection doesn’t only focus on other hotels, we focus on storytelling.

A nice bed, a clean bathroom and good service cover the basics, we give the guest more. We give the guest a connection that portrays their own taste, vision and attainted or desired 

products. As an extra, we complement this connection with our own creative concepts and collaborations. 

This way we fulfil the basic needs, the needs they didn’t know they had and the need to experience more. Our hotels will be an extension of an experience in the city. We are the city. We reflect the city.

To achieve this goal and maintain it we need to create a local network  with

international allure that can reach a global audience.


Europe Hotels Private Collection provides a wide range of value-added services, all of which contribute to improving the performance of every aspect of their business such as;

  • Brand and concept creation

  • Brand management 

  • Marketing & PR management

  • Development, planning & positioning
  • Adequate Finance, Accounting, Procurement, IT & Systems
  • Driving Revenue & Sales

  • Asset management
  • Recruiting, training and retaining talented and loyal staff
  • Overseeing new builds and upgrades
  • Day-to-day hotel management