X BANK is a 700-m2-hybrid store in the center of Amsterdam presenting the most comprehensive collection of predominantly Dutch fashion, art and design in the world. X BANK presents collections, events, and programs from fashion, design, and artistic talent. By providing a local and international platform for artists, designers, and creators, X BANK presents the new Dutch D.N.A — one that is local and global.

 Monumental Building, home of the former Kas Bank

 Home to more than 180 brands, labels, and artists

 Artist in Residence program – X 172

 88 meters of outside video projection

Monday - Wednesday
10 AM - 8 PM
Thursday - Saturday
10 AM - 9 PM 
12 AM - 8 PM

Spuistraat 172 
1012VT Amsterdam
The Netherlands

X BANK presents the most comprehensive collection of predominantly Dutch fashion, art, and design in the world.


X BANK re-imagines the notion of retail, combining young and trusted designers and artists to create the ultimate collective fusion between fashion, art, design, culture and the urban landscape. Its active and rotating programming is based on the curator’s vision where thought meets creation and creation meets invention. X BANK brings together the evolution in the new Dutch DNA- a DNA that is global, a DNA that is local, a DNA that builds together.

Art, Fashion & Design

X BANK is the epicentre of Dutch design. The shopping experience in Amsterdam offers a broad variety of the most premium, upcoming and influential designers The Netherlands has to offer. The unique concept combines innovation with creativity and gives home to180 Dutch labels.

The space offers a broad mix of products, styles and prices attractive for both a local and international audience. X BANK is the next step in viable fashion, design, art, purchase and dialogue.

X BANK is an active store, exhibition hall, installation gallery, and meeting point for anything and everything in cutting edge fashion, design, and art. X BANK’s foundation and experience

based on our customer’s demand for innovation, interest in the purest representation, and growth in the original purchase. You are invited to buy our supply, trade your imagination, encounter the spontaneous, and engage in an exceptionally specialized mix of art, fashion and design. 

Europe Hotels Private Collection operates as the initiating platform for this exceptional venture, alongside and in collaboration with W Amsterdam.